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06 Oct 2020

New Fortnite Leak Hints at Next Hero in Season 4! - Data Mining, Release Date and More!

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Data Mined Info

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New Hero!

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Release Date?

Recent data-mined information may be hinting at the release of one of our favourite Marvel Heroes!

Here, we cover everything you need to know about this upcoming character.

Data Mined Info

Fortnite data miner @SizzyLeaks may have found information pointing towards a new Hero coming to Fortnite.

fortnite captain marvel launch season 4

MARVELOUS - We hope Captain Marvel will join the fight alongside some of our favourite Heroes!

It's been a few weeks since new in-game hero items were added so we can't wait for this one to release.

SizzyLeaks found particle effects that are expected to be added to the game very shortly.

These effects are applied to a Hero or weapon currently named "Cherry", but we may know who this is...

To see all of the data mined information, head over to SizzyLeaks twitter page!

New Hero!

The hero coming to Season 4 is currently named "Cherry", this is obviously a code name but we have a good idea of who this may be!

Fans are speculating this will be Captain Marvel, who featured in Avengers EndGame and the Captain Marvel film.

From the effects you can see in-game, it seems like Captain Marvel is a plausible option for this next Hero.

Release Date?

It's still unclear as to when this next Hero will release.

fortnite marvel season 4

GALACTUS - Will Galactus fight our Heroes at the end of Season 4?

We'll have to wait for more information from Epic, or data miners regarding a possible launch date.

For now, we can expect Captain Marvel to arrive at the next update!