12 Mar 2021 3:11 PM +00:00

The new Fortnite Bodyguard LTM is now live

Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 5 is nearly over, with just a few days left to go before Season 6 begins.

Before that, we will get the Zero Crisis Finale event which will conclude the season and bring us into Season 6.

But, this new LTM may actually be giving us our first look at what to expect next season.

What Is The Bodyguard LTM?

The Bodyguard LTM is a new squad-based mode, where three members of the team need to protect the fourth member.

Whoever is the VIP is unable to interact with any weapons or items, but does spawn with a Legendary pistol to defend themselves, as well as a Revive Grenade.

To make things even more difficult, all VIPs are marked and visible to other players.

Here is the official description of the LTM taken from the game.

"Suit up, it's time to protect the VIP!
In Bodyguard, each squad has a VIP.
Everyone else is a bodyguard sworn to defend them.
If a squad's VIP is eliminated then the whole squad is out.
VIPs are vulnerable.
They're marked to all enemies and can't pick up weapons.
But, they aren't helpless either.
VIPs spawn with a Legendary pistol and a rechargeable Revive Grenade"

A First Look At Season 6?

The Revive Grenade isn't something we've ever seen before in the game, perhaps it will be an item added to the regular loot pool in Season 6?

While we don't know what it is just yet, but we will be jumping into Bodyguard ourselves to find out, if we had to guess we'd say it acts as a self revive for the VIP.

In games such as Call of Duty: Warzone, players can purchase a self revive so if they get knocked, but can escape from their opponent's line of sight, they can use the self revive to get out of the downed state and continue fighting without having to go through the Gulag.

It has been speculated by many players, such as SypherPK, that we could see an overhaul of the Gold Bars in Season 6, possible including the ability to purchase items such as a self revive, think of Gold Bars acting like cash in Warzone.

Fortnite's own version of a Gulag could be really interesting too, with players build fighting in an empty arena.

Only time will tell what Season 6 has in store for us, but this could be our first glimpse at what could be added to the game.