Mecha Morty has arrived in Fortnite

Mecha Morty has arrived in Fortnite and he is taking no prisoners. Morty joins Rick Sanchez to round out the duo who are now both playable in Fortnite.

We didn't expect to have to wait so long for a Morty following the announcement that Rick would be the grand prize for completing the Season 7 Battle Pass. Mecha Morty is the second appearance of Morty this season though as he appears as Rick's pickaxe as part of the Battle Pass also.

Mecha Morty Bundle in Fortnite

The Mecha Morty bundle is available right now in the Fortnite Item Store and comes with the following items;

  • Mecha Morty outfit
  • Morty's Backpack Back Bling
  • Look at Me! Wrap
  • Get Schwifty Emote
  • Space Snake Pickaxe

The bundle items can be purchased separately also but you will receive a better discount by outright purchasing the Mecha Morty bundle.

Mecha Morty Bundle Price

The Mecha Morty bundle currently costs 2,800 V-Bucks which is in line with similar bundles in the past. Should you wish to just purchase the Mecha Morty skin alone, it will cost 1,500 V-Bucks.

Can you use Hammerhead Morty with Mecha Morty?

Yes, you can equip Mecha Morty with Hammerhead Morty as his own pickaxe. Thanks to the multiple universes we learn about in Rick & Morty, it's entirely plausible that Morty can drop into a match of Fortnite using an alternate version of himself as a weapon.

Fortnite Mecha Morty Bundle
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How to Unlock Rick Sanchez in Fortnite

It's much easier to just outright purchase Mecha Morty than it is to unlock Rick Sanchez in Fortnite Season 7.

To unlock Rick, you need to get the Season 7 Battle Pass to level 100. Only after you have unlocked every other item in it can you unlock Rick Sanchez.

Fortnite Toxic Rick Battle Pass
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Unlocking Toxic Rick is no small feat

If you wish to unlock the Toxic Rick skin, you'll need to go even further and complete 2 additional Battle Pass pages where items can cost up to 20 stars each!

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