J Balvin officially confirmed as Fortnite's next Icon Series Skin

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The list of collaborations Epic Games has in Fortnite just keeps going, doesn't it? We've had three character cups in the last few weeks but we're already looking at another exciting collaboration in the coming days. The previously-rumoured J Balvin Icon Series skin is all but confirmed with this new teaser. Here's everything we know.

LATEST - J Balvin confirmed and Cup Announced

Fortnite have confirmed that J Balvin is coming to Fortnite on 26 August and he'll be getting the cup treatment too!

The J Balvin Cup will act as a way to get the skin early and for free. This Cup will take place on 24 August.


J Balvin is coming to Fortnite

If you haven't heard of J Balvin, you should have. He's one of the biggest Latin American artists in the world right now, being the first Latino to headline events like Coachella and Tomorrowland, and his songs have billions of streams online. Mi Gente is just one of his songs, but it's arguably the one that thrust him into the spotlight of global fame.

He's featured on countless other hit songs, too - So, you might not know his name, but you'll know his music.

Just weeks after Ariana Grande was added to Fortnite, another musical superstar is coming to Epic Games' battle royale. Earlier today, Fortnite tweeted the following image:

Everyone was quick to jump to the same conclusion - J Balvin is coming to Fortnite. The image used is similar to the iconography used on his recent album Colores and there have been talks of a J Balvin Icon Series skin set for a while now after it was leaked in the recent title update.

You can check out the J Balvin Icon Series skin - and the variant appearances that were leaked - below:


At the moment, we don't know exactly when he's due to arrive but if Epic Games are teasing him now... It's going to be soon. We'd be inclined to suggest that he will be added to Fortnite's Item Store by the 25th, but they could save it until the weekend. We should see something from Fortnite's Twitter account soon though, so keep an eye on it.