19 May 2021 4:43 PM +00:00

How to Win Impossible Escape LTM in Fortnite

In Fortnite's new limited-time mode, you must fight the environment for a chance to escape with your life. If you really want the new Escapist Glider (and some bragging rights), there are a few steps you might want to take to do it.

Here are the basics to winning your next game of Impossible Escape.

Before You Start

You should familiarise yourself with what you will see and the best strategy for winning before you even get in there. First, let's talk about the map.

Fortnite Impossible Escape Map
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This was my map on my first game. Where you land is different but the geography of the map and those golden binoculars stay the same. This is important to note.

From here, make sure you know how the game works. Essentially, Impossible Escape is a PvE experience where players are tasked with traversing the environment, finding parts of a helicopter, and escaping off a doomed island.

Some things to be aware of before jumping in are the guards. As you likely won't be combatting other players, they need something to keep you on your toes and that's AI-controlled opponents with tonnes of health and strong weapons. Killing them can grant you some nice resources and maybe even a quest or two.


Getting Out Alive

You will need the help of some friends to get out alive, make some with emotes. Go to the golden binoculars on the map to receive the locations of specific items and objects.

The gold speech icon points you in the direction of an NPC. That NPC can give you a quest that unlocks items that you give back for a plane part.

There are plenty of parts around the map and some duplicates, meaning that players who team up get out quicker. Pick your teammates well (and based on what loot they have) to win as quickly as possible

Fortnite Escapist Glider
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From here, put your helicopter parts together and drive it out of there. You aren't done quite yet as fuel is limited in your machine.

You need to make stops frequently to get some fuel which requires taking on even tougher NPC. Grab some nice weapons in the area, loot the fuel and then get out of there to the win point on the map.