How to Watch Back Your Fortnite Replays

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When it comes to the Epic battle royale action of Fortnite or any competitive multiplayer game for that matter, there will be those moments that stick with you. Moments that you wish you could Relive. Lucky for us, there are Fortnite Replays to help with that.

Now Fortnite Replays aren't a unique thing to the battle royale. It isn't the first of its kind and certainly won't be the last of its kind either, with many popular titles wanting players to be able to relive and share their best moments. Here's how you can watch your Fortnite Replays

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How to Watch Fortnite Replays Back.

Fortnite Replays can be found in the careers tab
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Before you can watch your Fortnite Replays back, you first need to find them. Fortnite Replays can be found in the career tab which shows all of your achievements. It can be seen at the bottom of the screen alongside the button to find your overall career stats.

Clicking on the Fortnite Replays button will load up a list of your most recent games, showing stats from each game to help you decipher which one you want to check out.

On PC, you can save these replays to keep them forever, something which you should definitely do as the replays will need to be deleted and become unwatchable within a day. So if you have a moment you want to keep, make sure you jump on it quick.

Fortnite Replays UI
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Once you load a replay, important and noteworthy moments such as kills, assists and deaths are all marked on the timeline for you to easily skip to and to save you some time. This mode also allows you to watch the performance of other players and teammates if you're in a squads game, letting you get all perspectives of your best Fortnite moments.

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