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How to Register for Fortnite x NBA Crossover Team Battles

Fortnite is one of the most updated games in the world. With constantly evolving challenges, new skins, and the new Fortnite Impossible Escape mode, it's easy to forget what's coming next.

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That's why you might want to get signed up for the Fortnite x NBA crossover battles. Here's how.

Fortnite x NBA Crossover Team Battles Explained

The latest Fortnite event allows players to represent their favourite NBA team whilst playing their favourite game.


It's all about completing challenges to rank up the team you sign up for and earning nice loot as a reward.

How To Sign Up

First, make sure you have an Epic account and have access to it. From there, click on this link. Click the big yellow button that says join to get in there.

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From here, it will get you to sign in to your Epic account and choose a team to support. Beside each of those will have a teammates count and a fan count. Each team can only have 15,000 teammates so if you get there late, you could miss out on your favourite team.

Make this decision wisely as you can't change it afterwards. Supporting a different group requires an entirely new account.

Make sure to join when you're able to play as you only have 24 hours to finish one challenge or you are disqualified from the earnings.

How Does It Work?

From now until May 21, players can only complete challenges assigned to them. After that point, you can do your personal tasks and engage in repeatable tasks, a great way to mop up some points.

Fornite NBA event
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You are competing against the world through the team you choose so everyone gets a prize if your team wins.

The team that comes in 3rd gets 100 V-Bucks each, 2nd gets 300 V-Bucks and 1st place gets 500 V-Bucks and the "NBA Championship Trophy Back Bling". Get in there early and starts earning for your team.