How To Open Cosmic Chests In Fortnite

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As part of Fortnite Season 7’s alien theme, cosmic chests are appearing on the island. They are essential to earning additional Alien Artifacts. The chests also have a beter drop rate for rarer items.

How exactly do you find these chests, and more importantly how do you get the loot inside?


Update - Cosmic Chests now marked on Fortnite map

As part of the Fortnite 17.30 Update, when you are near a Cosmic Chest it will now automatically be marked on your map.

This should help with locating the chests which can be tricky at times. It's not yet known if the fix for disconnected teammates has been implemented so chests may be inaccessible if a teammate leaves the game.


How To Find Cosmic Chests In Fortnite

Straight off, you can only find cosmic chests if playing in duos, trios or squads. Cosmic chests are not spawning in solos due to the requirement for opening them.

The chest only appears in the early stages of a match, more specifically the first three zones. Make sure you move as a team and grab a vehicle (ideally a UFO) to survey the map. When the chests spawn they are marked on your map to make them a little easier to locate.


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How To Open A Cosmic Chest In Fortnite

Once you locate a cosmic chest, you may think the hard work is done but opening one is no simple activity. Instead of just interacting with the chest or shooting it open, you have to work as a team to gain access.


The chest is encased in a purple/pink crystal. When approaching it, the chest will tether itself to your team members at random. When it does this, a reticule will appear on the crystal prompting you to hit it in this area.

Make sure you only hit the designated area when requested and ensure your team do the same. To be safe, it’s best to use your harvesting tool rather than a weapon. Mess up this process and the chest will reset.

Once this has been done successfully, you are treated to a small sample of the original Fortnite lobby music and the chest explodes open. While there are no guarantees with what’s inside, you have a greatly increased chance of epic to legendary gear.