Mark an Alien Egg or Parasite in Fortnite (Week 11 Epic Quest)

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It wasn't long ago that Bushranger (RIP) was asking up to mark an Alien Egg for one of his Fortnite weekly quests but now Slone wants us to go a step further and mark an Alien Parasite.

We'll show you the best location to complete the quest and how to make sure you get it done safely!


This guide works for both quests as when you find the Eggs, you can also find the Parasites defending them and mark them instead of the egg. It's slightly trickier though as they're not a stationary target.

Fortnite Alien Egg and Parasite Location

The best location to find an alien egg, due to it being a guaranteed spawn, is in Durr Burger next to Weeping Woods. We've marked the location of the restaurant on the map below.

Fortnite Alien Egg Location
FEELING HUNGRY: Here's where the Durr Burger restaurant is.

The reason this is the best place to complete this quest is that alien parasites are a guaranteed spawn, meaning that their eggs are also guaranteed to appear. When you reach the restaurant, you want to head down the stairs into the basement to find the parasites and alien eggs.

How to Mark an Alien Egg in Fortnite

When you see one of the alien eggs in Fortnite, be it at the Durr Burger restaurant or anywhere else, to mark it you simply need to pace a ping directly on it. You'll know you've done this right if the ping specifically resembles a small egg icon.

If all of this has been done right, the quest is complete and you get 30,000 XP for your troubles. If an alien parasite does attach itself to you, head to the nearest river or water source and jump in to get it off you.


If you need any help with the rest of the Fortnite week 7 quests, you can find our guide hub here. If you're trying to track down this week's Alien Artifacts, we also have a guide for that here.

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