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How To Interact with a CB Radio In Fortnite (Week 5 Legendary Quest)

For the Fortnite Week 5 Legendary quests, you're asked to interact with a CB Radio, with a massive reward of 45,000 XP on the line.

We're going to show you how to find and interact with a CB Radio in Fortnite Season 7.

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CB Radio Locations

There are eight total locations you can find a CB Radio in. All of which are in Retail Row, which is much easier than it was in Season 6 where they were placed around the whole Island!

We've put together a handy map with the approximate locations marked in yellow.

Fortnite CB Radio Locations Season 7
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GOTCHA: The Locations for each CB Radio.

If you're still struggling to find them, here's some directions for where they are;

  • On the decking out West of Retail Row
  • North-West in Retail Row in front of the blue house
  • South-East corner, parking lot next to the tower
  • North-East corner of the parking lot near power station
  • Right in the middle of the parking lot
  • Next to the red house in the Northern area of Retail Row
  • Next to the yellow house in the South-West corner of Retail Row.
  • In front of the brown house in the Southern area of Retail Row.

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How To Interact With A CB Radio In Fortnite

When you land and are safely in Retail Row, track down a CB Radio according the the locations we gave above. You do not need to head straight for Retail Row if you prefer to complete the quest later in a match.

The radios are instanced so only you can interact with the ones in your game, opponents can have no effect on your quest (unless they kill you before you complete it, but they wouldn't be so rude right?)

Unlike most quest items, they're not just a blue silhouette until you approach and interact with it. The CB Radio is a solid item so easier to spot! You only need to interact with one CB Radio to complete the quest, so once this is done, 45,000 XP is yours!