How to get the Fortnite Hulk Buster Pickaxe!: Unlock, Challenges, Marvel Avengers, Other Marvel Skins and More!-

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Fortnite's crossovers have reached every part of the world with events like Kingsman and Avengers.

This helps push Fortnite into a more "Main Stream" audience and helps the game grow.

We've just got another Marvel crossover coming off the back of the Captain America skin.

How to Unlock

Epic Games has hit us with yet another free skin for us to unlock!

Fortnite Halloween Skins
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NEW SKINS - Which new skins will release in Season 4?

You'll need to do the three HARM challenges on the Xbox One or PlayStation 4. Unfortuneatly, is seems like these won't be available on PC.

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We will be able to purdhase this pickaze at a later date in the item shop, but it's unclear as to when this will be.


You'll need to complete the three HARM challenges in Fortnite to unlock the standard version of the skin.

However, there is an extra step involved if you want to get the "Hulk-Buster" version of the pickaxe.

To get this, you'll need to complete the Beta for the upcoming Marvel Avengers game!

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If you pre-order the game, you'll be able to get early access to the beta on the 7-9 August.

Other Marvel Skins

We can expect a host of new skins from Marvel to come to the game in the upcioming months.

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CROSSOVER - Hopefully Epic will continue to deliver some awesome crossovers and content!

So far, we've seen the release of some awesome skins like Black Widow, Captain America and Deadpool.

It seems Epic still has plans to release more crossover skins. This may include more Star Wars events and DC Comics characters.

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What Marvel skin would you like to see in Fortnite next?


Avenger's Beta End Date

if you're looking to unlock the Hulk Buster Pickaxe in Fortnite you don't have long left!

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You only have a few more weekends until the Beta ends, so make sure you jump into Avengers now and complete the beta!

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