How To Get infected by an Alien Parasite and talk to Sunny In Fortnite (Week 5 Legendary Quest)

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As part of the Fortnite Week 5 Legendary questline, you're asked to do something that sounds kind of long-winded. You need to get infected by an alien parasite and talk to Sunny.

Where can you find the alien parasite and likewise, where can you find Sunny? We'll tell you how to get this quest completed so you can claim your 30,000 XP.

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How To Get Infected By An Alien Parasite

This is the harder part of the quest for sure. With the alien invasion still ongoing, you may notice that the wildlife on the Island looks a little, different. Most of the Island animals now have an alien parasite attached to them.

Fortnite Alien Parasite Season 7 Quest
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VICTORY: The parasite can be very useful in the late game.

In order to get this alien parasite to attach to you, you'll need to kill the animal and stand near it to allow the alien parasite to attach itself to you.


Once this happens, your health will slowly drop to it's new maximum, 60HP. You lose this health until the parasite is gone, which only happens if you enter water.

If you choose to keep the alien parasite after you talk to Sunny, it will grant you additional speed and a higher jump at the cost of the lower HP. It has no effect on shields.

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How To Talk To Sunny

Once you have the alien parasite attached to you, head over and talk to Sunny. She is still located in Believer Beach right on the sandy shore.

Fortnite Sunny Location Season 7 Week 5
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FOUND YOU: Sunny can be found patrolling the beach right next to the tide.

Once you find her, just interact and hope she's cool with the alien parasite attached to your head, and it's quest complete.

This is easily one of the trickier quests to complete for some time due having to find an infected animal and then make it to Sunny. Hopefully this guide helps ease the pain a little and gets you that 30,000 XP quicker.