Where To Find The Dead Drops In Fortnite Season 7

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The Fortnite Season 7, Week 2 quests are now live. As part of the legendary questline, your first mission is to locate and recover a dead drop. The character who assigned you the quest is a mystery.

How To Find The Dead Drops

As the mission states, you're going to be looking in Weeping Woods for the dead drop. The location is marked on the island map, but not the specific locations of the dead drops. This is because there are a few different spots you can find them in a small area.

fortnite season 7 dead drops
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The approximate area where the dead drops can be found

Once you land, you're looking for what is essentially a glowing tree stump with a large valve handle on top. They are scattered on both sides of the river and it shouldn't take too long to locate one.


Each dead drop is an instance, meaning as players find them, they do not become unavailable to you. So don't worry if you need to wait until later in a match to grab one.

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How To Pick Up The Dead Drops

When you located a dead drop, approach and interact with it to complete the mission. The one I found is actually quite far North of Weeping Woods but there are plenty of others spread around the area. This ensures that not everyone is dropping into the same area.

fortnite season 7 dead drop
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One of the dead drops to the north of Weeping Woods

The reward for completing this quest, which is step one of five, is 45,000 XP. From here, each step of the quest is worth 30,000 XP. Arguably, step one of the quest is worth the most XP but the easiest to accomplish!

The dead drop has been left by a mysterious character who isn't explicitly specified th this point. Instead the quest has been assigned by '???'. However, it appears from the silhouette shown to the player that this is Doctor Slone.

We know from the Season 7 story trailer that Sloan will lead the fight back against the alien invasion, so is this where her involvement comes to light?