Collect a vintage can of cat food in Fortnite (Week 11 Legendary Quest)

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The requests from Slone have started to get a little strange over the last few weeks and no we have to collect a vintage can of cat food from either Catty Corner or Craggy Cliffs.

There's 30,000 XP on the line though so who are we to complain. Here's where you can find and collect a vintage can of cat food for the Fortnite Week 11 Legendary quest.


Cat Food Locations in Fortnite

You only need to collect one tin of vintage cat food but Fortnite has kindly placed eight on the map for you to choose from.

Fortnite Vintage Cat Food Locations
The Locations marked on the map

There are four tins of cat food set out in Catty Corner and four in Craggy Cliffs. The cat food is always found on the ground and can be quite hard to spot.


We recommend heading to Craggy Cliffs to complete the challenge as it's usually a little quieter at the beginning of matches and if you get a kind drop pattern, you can have the quest wrapped up within a minute of the match starting.

Collecting Cat Food in Fornite

Finding the cat food locations is the hard part, the easy part is collecting them. Once you find a tin of vintage cat food, just approach and interact with it and you're all done! 30,000 XP is yours and that's another tin of cat food taken away from Joey, who for some reason was hoarding the stuff a few weeks back.

Fortnite Craggy Cliffs Garage
Find the closed garage in Craggy Cliffs
Fortnite cat food locations
Break down the door and inside is the cat food

Be sure to check out our other Fortnite Week 11 guides if you're struggling with any of the Legendary or Epic quests. We don't want to miss out on easy XP after all!

If you're wondering where the Alien Artifacts are for Week 11, we may have some bad news! It appears that Fortnite doesn't have any more plans to drop any more Alien Artifacts on the map so if you still need them, you'll have to open Cosmic Chests instead.