How to Collect the Floating Rings in Reality falls in Fortnite

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The newest set of weekly Fortnite quests is now available for players to complete so they can level up their battle pass and unlock all of the cosmetics that they want to wear while playing their favourite battle royale.

One of the quests for the week 5 quests involves players having to collect the floating rings that can be found at Reality Falls, something that might be confusing to newer players. Here's what they are and how to collect them.


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How to Collect the Floating Rings at Reality Falls

Floating Rings in Fortnite Week 5 Quests

The floating rings are a blue, glowing collectable that can be found scattered across various locations in Fortnite whenever a quest for finding them is added to the game.


The most recent location to get them is Reality Falls, the largest point of interest added in Fortnite Season 3 and the location of the large Reality Tree that towers over the rest of the map.

When it comes to collecting these rings, players of the popular no-build mode may have a tough time trying to complete them as these rings are usually hidden in hard-to-reach/see areas, often benefiting from the ability to build structures in order to collect them.

That doesn't mean that these rings will be impossible to get without the ability to build, but players should consider switching to the standard battle royale game mode instead to make the process of completing this quest alongside the other Week 5 quest of getting a port-a-fort a lot easier.

The use of structures will also benefit players jumping into Reality Falls as it is one of the most popular locations you can find in the current game. The ability to build will let players defend themselves better as they collect each of these rings.