How To Change Your Fortnite Name On The Nintendo Switch!

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The current season has been slowly but surely coming to an end, after the additional one month delay back at the beginning of April.

Now, we are getting into the exciting times of any Fortnite season; but some of you may be looking for a fresh start next season.

A name change is always a good way to start over.

Here's how to do it on the Nintendo Switch!


Screen Name

Nintendo has outlined the entire process of changing your "screen name".

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This name is essentially the name players all over the world are going to see when you load up a multiplayer match.

Check out the full steps below!

More St Pats
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GAME ON - Who doesn't love gaming on the go!

  • Sign in here
  • Click your name on the top right of the screen
  • Select "Public Profile"
  • Below your name click "update" and enter your new name

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