Hot Drop June 5: Fortnite esports news – NBA star joins FaZE & WC qualifiers rescheduled

From Fortnite listening to the community, FaZe Hammer, patch 9.2, June 5 was a hectic day in the Fortnite community.

(Photo Credit: Meyers Leonard)

The “Hot Drop” is a new daily news update for all your Fortnite esports needs. Whether it be from professional players leaving their organization to an NBA player joining an organization, RealSport has you covered. These news feeds plan to be published frequently, dependant on news, but if Fortnite esports and the community has taught us anything it is always hectic.

FaZe Clan x NBA 

(Photo Credit: Meyers Leonard)

Esports has seen a transitioning period into the hip hop and more traditional sports world over the last calendar year. With worldwide celebrity’s such as Drake and Lil Yachty playing Fortnite with Ninja, the esports ecosystem has seen multiple A list celebrity’s branching into esports since this collab last year. 

Meyers Leonard joining FaZe Clan should not come as a massive shock to everyone, he has played multiple Fortnite matches with fellow FaZe member Jaomock and even attending an NBA game together the pair have molded their friendship as of late. We also know that Leonard, who is a player for the Portland Trail Blazers of the NBA is an investor in the California based organization. Although little to no information is known on how much capacity he is invested into FaZe, the signing is one of great proportion for esports. 

With other NBA players such as Josh Hart of the Los Angeles Lakers signed to headset company Turtle Beach and De'Aaron Fox of the Sacramento Kings partnered with Hyperx. Leonard joins a select crew of NBA players who are becoming more active in the gaming community and we should be on the lookout for future FaZe Clan videos feature the hammer!

They listen?

(Photo Credit: Epic Games)

With the Fortnite World Cup Qualifier set to conclude in the coming two weeks, a recent discovery by some members of the community had many fans and professionals irate yet again at Epic Games. The last weekend of the duo portion of the qualifiers were originally set on the same weekend as the Fortnite Pro-Am and Summer Block Part at E3, where notable players such as Cloakzy, Tfue and Ninja were all set to compete. All the attending professionals have yet to qualify for the duo portion and were eager to have one more crack at it, many pros were left in a decision whether to attend the Pro-Am in favor of the qualifier. 

Today Fortnite lifted a massive weight off the shoulders of these esteemed pros, by changing the dates of the final qualifiers along with raising the prize pool for each week to $2,000,000.

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