How to Get Abducted By Aliens in Fortnite

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The world of Fortnite is hotting up as we get closer and closer to the start of Season 7.

At this point, we know for sure that the event will involve aliens and UFOs, with them popping up around the map already.


You've probably already seen reports on social media of players being abducted by aliens and moved to a different part of the map.

Those reports are getting more and more prevalent as we approach the event that'll happen on June 7. Therefore, players are wondering how exactly you prompt it to happen.

How to Get Abducted By Aliens in Fortnite

While the videos on Twitter, one of which you can see below, make it seems pretty easy, it's not as simple as going somewhere specific and getting abducted.

At the moment, there is no trick to getting abducted by aliens before Season 7, with these small events happening randomly at any place on the map.

You'll just have to keep playing and hope that it happens to you. If it does, you'll be healed and transported to another place on the map.


If you're looking to experience it for yourself, it's worth noting that alien abductions can only happen in non-competitive modes currently.

As long as you don't just into a competitive playlist, you have the opportunity to get taken away by alien UFOs.

If a surefire way to get abducted by aliens rears its head before the Season 7 event takes place, we'll be sure to let you know.

What It Means for the Season 7 Event

We'd expect these alien abductions to play a big part in the upcoming live event, which will signal the end of Season 6.

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It's likely that players will be abducted in more dramatic ways, being taken to cool places. It's also possible that they continue into the new season to add an unpredictable element.


The event should start at about 4am ET/9am BST on June 8, so keep an eye out for things changing between now and then.