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24 Aug 2020

Fortnite's Marvel Themed Season Has Already Created A Flurry Of Controversy

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Battle Pass Issues

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The next season of Fortnite will be releasing worldwide in just a few days.

By now, most of us are well aware of the numerous leaks regarding the Marvel-themed season.

This has undoubtedly created a wide array of mixed emotions with fans, and rightfully so.


The principal of doing a complete season based around Marvel is one of the best Fortnite has ever come up with, at first glance.

But, fans have expressed high levels of concern with the idea; and they include the following:

  • Story - How will/will it connect to the Fortnite story at all
  • Skins - Will the battle pass only be Marvel skins
  • Ad - Is Fortnite just a big advertisement slot for companies now?

While Fortnite and Marvel have partnered in the past, this time it appears it is going to be bigger than anything we have seen before.


Fortnite fans are well aware of the on-going lore/story that they have been crafting for years.

Now, with the announcement of the Marvel-themed season; fans have questioned how they are going to connect the two.

Donald Mustard has noted that it does all connect, but fans are not convinced one bit.

Donald Mustard Tweet 1

HOW - Will they make it work?

If they pull it off, it will undoubtedly be amazing.

But one has to assume this has been planned for quite some time if it does workout!

Battle Pass Issues

The notion of an entire Marvel-themed battle pass is one that is either loved, or hated by fans.

It does seem odd that Epic will ditch the traditional battle pass in favour of superheros.

On the surface, it appears that this may be a massive loss for Fortnite, as many people will be irate over this decision if it pans out to be true.


The final note that has caused massive amounts of backlash is competitve.

Teaser 5 5

DRAMATIC - How will Season 4 begin?

Professional players have every right to be concerned about the release of the new season.

They have been neglected time and time again by Epic, and with the current Mythic weapons in the game; there is high levels of stress already.

Adding Thor's hammer for instance into the game, could be devastating for the competitive sceene.

As we have seen how certain Mythic weapons have the potential to ruin an entire meta.

Having separate loot pools for casual and competitive matches needs to be a top priority for Season 4.

If not, we are going to see yet another season filled with anger and disappointment by professional players.