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Fortnitemares 2019: Everything You Need to Know about Fortnite's Halloween Update in Chapter 2!

Fortnite has now released its second-ever chapter, a new era has finally arrived and it has received some of the most positive praise in recent Fortnite memories.

Social media has been nothing but love for Epic Games as it seems they have finally been able to get back to what built this game and why it took over the gaming world.

Along with the core mechanics that have made Fortnite a global phenomenon such as the building and the wonkiness of the Fortnite map, there has been a tradition every year that has drawn the player base in more than other events. Fortnitemares.

With Halloween right around the corner and many Fortnite players anticipating the announcement of Fortnitemares 2019, we’ll take you through everything we know from the recent update!

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Storm King LTM

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One of the first LTM's we will get this season is one that many thoughts was going to be a Save The World update. The Storm King LTM will pit players against a massive monster that grows stronger as the storm becomes bigger and bigger. Should you and your team defeat the Storm King you will get a unique umbrella, much like the John Wick LTM.

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Similar to the game mode that was just released with Call of Duty Modern Warfare, Gunfight is a 2V2 created on fan-made map by user BluDrive! It will be very interesting to see how this new fast-paced LTM will play out.

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Other Notes

  • Players are now able to give anyone on their friends list their own unique nickname!
  • The Combine LTM is back! The mode allows players to test our their skills and compete for the best time.
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