Fortnite XP Xtravaganza Week 3: Eliminate Stark Robots, Gatherers, or Gorgers Guide

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Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 4 is in full swing with about 2 weeks left before the season ends.

Season 4 began on August 27th and was originally due to end on November 30th, but now has been delayed until December 3rd.

The Galactus event has now been confirmed to take place on December 1st at 4pm EST/9pm GMT

To keep players occupied now that the 10 weeks of challenges are out, Epic Games have released the XP Xtravaganza challenges.

XP Xtravaganza Challenges Week 3

In previous seasons Epic Games have released Overtime Challenges to keep players occupied and still playing the game while they wait for the next season.

The XP Xtravaganza challenges have been released and we are currently on week 3.

There will be one more set of challenges next week before the season ends.

All of the challenges are team challenges, meaning that if any members of your party do something that works towards it then it will count for you too.

Overall this gives players a total of 14 challenges to complete.

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The challenges are:

Deal Damage With SMGs (20,000 XP each stage)

  • Stage 1/3 Deal 1,000 Damage
  • Stage 2/3 Deal 2,500 Damage
  • Stage 3/3 Deal 5,000 Damage

Search Chests (20,000 XP each stage)

  • Stage 1/3 Search 10 Chests
  • Stage 2/3 Search 10 Ammo Boxes
  • Stage 3/3 Search 10 Supply Drops

Eliminate NPCs (20,000 XP each stage)

  • Stage 1/3 Eliminate 10 Stark Robots, Gatherers, or Gorgers
  • Stage 2/3 Eliminate 25 Stark Robots, Gatherers, or Gorgers
  • Stage 3/3 Eliminate 50 Stark Robots, Gatherers, or Gorgers

Collect Wood, Stone, or Metal (20,000 XP each stage)

  • Stage 1/3 Collect 1,000 Wood, Stone, or Metal
  • Stage 2/3 Collect 1,500 Wood, Stone, or Metal
  • Stage 3/3 Collect 2,000 Wood, Stone, or Metal

Dance On All Five Colored Bridges In A Single Match (50,000 XP)

Eliminate 20 Opponents (20,000 XP)

That means that the upcoming challenges offer 310,000 XP!

Eliminate Stark Robots, Gatherers, or Gorgers

Season 4 has seen the addition of many new things in Fortnite, including Stark Robots, Gatherers, and Gorgers.

Stark Robots can be found either at the Stark Industries POI, or at one of the four Quinjets that land on the map at the start of a match.

Fortnite Eliminate Stark Robots Week 3 XP Xtravaganza
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NPC: Season 4 has seen many NPC enemies added to the game.

Gorgers are also a new feature to the game.

They spawn a short time after the match starts and can be seen by the red laser that shoots up to the sky.

Gorgers are giant enemies that shoot lasers at players.

But they also spawn Gatherers which defend the Gorger.


Defeating a Gorger grants lots of rare loot, such as the Epic Pump Shotgun, and a Legendary Rocket Launcher.

To complete the challenge players need to eliminate 10, 25, and then 50 Stark Robots, Gorgers, and Gatherers.

They also don't need to be eliminated in the same match, these can be done over multiple matches.

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