Fortnite: Xbox One vs Series X - Graphics, Gameplay, Engine, and More!

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We are just a few days away until the release of the newest Fortnite season.

It has been a long time coming, but fans could not be more excited to jump into the action.

With the next-generation consoles releasing later this year, there are a lot of questions regarding the Xbox iterations.

Table of Contents

Here's all the differences we know for Fortnite on the Xbox One and Series X!


Graphics and FPS

This is probably the biggest difference there is going to be between the two consoles.

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With the Xbox Series X confirmed to be playable at up to 120 FPS, this is going to be a massive advantage for console gamers.

With the Xbox One only performing at up to 60 FPS, they are going to be at a major disadvantage compared to the newest hardware!

Concept Map
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MAP - Will this be the newest Fortnite map?



With Fortnite making the swap over to the Unreal Engine 5 sometime in 2021, we do not know if the Xbox One is going to be making the move too.

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One can assume Fortnite is not going to stop supporting the current-generation of consoles this time next year.

But we never know for sure!


When we get any teaser clips of the Xbox Series X running Fortnite, we will be sure to post them here.

Expect a lot of FPS and smoother gameplay when the console finally hits shelves this holiday season.

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