31 Aug 2021 3:20 PM +00:00

Fortnite isn't finished with Batman just yet, announcement to come at DC FanDome

Just when you think Fortnite is done with Batman, they surprise us once more. It appears that there is still life left in the Caped Crusader's Fortnite cameo.

A brand new announcement is coming soon and could be linked to something as far out as next year. Either way, it's time to get hype if you're a fan of the Dark Knight as his time in Fortnite isn't ending any time soon.

Fortnite X Batman Annoucement coming soon

There is an announcement regarding Batman and Fortnite coming at DC FanDome on 16 October. This event is the biggest in the DC Comics calendar. It usually features movie, game and comic news for fans of the various franchises.


Think of it as a Comic-Con just for DC properties. We know we'll be seeing more from Gotham Knights and Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League but not Fortnite's attendance is confirmed.

As Fortnite Leaker @ShiinaBR points out, this could also be in relation to the ongoing comic series. On the other hand, it could also relate to 'The Batman' movie which is due to release in 2022. Either way, it appears Fortnite may be included somehow.


The story arc in Season 7 and 8 doesn't lay any obvious groundwork for a major appearance for Batman. Instead, we think we could just be in for more themed content coming to the item store.

Better yet, if they felt like celebrating the Fortnite X Batman relationship, some freebies would also be nice! If we do get more story-related content then we're just as happy. Then again, if it doesn't fit the theme of Season 8, we see no reason it should be forced in for the sake of it.