Fortnite World Cup Qualifiers: Week 8 NAE Takeaways & all qualified duos

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(Photo Credit: Epic Games)

Another week has concluded in the Fortnite World Cup qualifiers, with the second to last duo week coming to close many duos are approaching their last chance at qualifying for the $30,000,000 World Cup. However, for the duos whom qualified this past weekend, it is a sign of jubilation and payoff for all the countless hours they have put into the game.

These are our Week 8 takeaways for NAE!


XXiF and Ronaldo Qualify

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Photo Credit: Epic Games

In perhaps one of the most controversial moments in recent memory, the duo who were recently banned for teaming in the Fortnite World Cup qualifiers week 3 have officially qualified in Week 8.

Epic Games banned the pair for only two weeks back in early May after they investigated the allegations that members of the community brought forward to Epic Games. The Fortnite community did not hold back when the official news blog came out with the two-week ban, most of the community was up in arms saying it was only a pat on the back for the pair, especially in a $30,000,000 tournament.