Fortnite World Cup Qualifiers Duo Player’s to Watch NAE

The third iteration of Fortnite's duo qualifiers for their World Cup is upon on, and with some notable duos still not qualifier who should you look out for this weekend?

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Fortnite’s $30,000,000 World Cup is closely approaching the end of its ten-week qualifiers, with the solo portion now halfway concluded the duo aspect is nearing its third qualifier this weekend. In past weeks we have seen notable duos punch their ticket to New York City, others are on the cusp of qualifying but have faltered down the stretch.

Here are our two duo pairs to keep your eyes on this weekend along with some other notable pairs. 

1. Tfue and Cloakzy 

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Fortnite’s highest-earning duo has been experiencing some trials and tribulations throughout their share of the duo qualifiers so far. The Fall Skirmish champions had a rocky week one of duo qualifiers placing 84th, but strongly bounced back in the second leg of duos, narrowly missing out on qualification with a sixth-place finish. The pair combines the perfect blend of raw slaying ability, mechanical prowess, and communication. Cloakzy is often seen as the captain of the two, making the last second judgment calls, who to focus when posted up on a rotating zone and most importantly keeping Tfue concentrated. 

When Tfue and Cloakzy are at their peak we witness games like their Fall Skirmish performance and their 12 elimination victory in the second portion of duo qualifiers. Should the two reach their peak for an entire ten games, fully expect the duo to be competing at the Finals in New York City. 

2. Aspect and Animal 

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Before the Fortnite World Cup Qualifiers kicked off last month, North America East was widely considered one of the most stacked regions regarding duos. However, in most people’s eyes, the duo of Aspect and Animal were arguably one of the shoe-ins to qualify off the bat for duos. With two duo segments completed, the pair has looked impressive but could not seal the deal closing out both qualifiers at 16th and 25th. 

The duo were victors in the World Cup Warmup for NAW and a notable sixth place finish in NAE had all eyes locked onto them before the qualifiers. Should we see the Sentinels duo elevate their performance even further this coming weekend, fully expect them to lock in their ticket to New York City for the Fortnite World Cup Finals.

Other Notable Duos to Watch: 

Photo Credit: Team Liquid

1. Poach and Chap ->  Two of the most renowned and highest earning competitive Fortnite players are finding their groove as a duo since their formation after ESL Katowice. A pair of twelfth place finishes at the last duo qualifiers is setting the pair up for a potential run to qualification this time around. 

2. Ceice and Elevate -> Barely missing qualification last time around, the pair settled for a fourth-place finish which was concluded by a building bug on the side of Ceice. The two will look to propel over the last threshold in the standings this time around.

3. Dmo and Bizzle -> The dynamic force of the Fortnite’s most consistent player in Bizzle accompanied by his stellar partner Dmo is a pair no one should take for granted. The duo will look to write off their pair of top forty finishes going into this weekend. 

4. Megga and Dubs -> The latter has placed in top six in all three of the solo qualifiers for the World Cup thus far and for Megga he most recently secured his ticket to New York. The pair will look to gravitate their solo success into a double qualification this weekend.

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