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03 Jun 2019

Fortnite World Cup: Previously banned player qualifies for the tournament

Photo Credit: Epic Games

Damion "XXiF" C was previously banned after he qualified for solos in week three of the qualifiers after an investigation by Epic Games found sufficient evidence to support the claims of him teaming in multiple matches. 'Teaming' is when you team up with other players in solo mode to gain an unfair advantage over opponents. 

Now XXiF has qualified this past weekend in duos with his partner Ronald “Ronaldo” Mach, The pair sneaked into qualification territory with 91 points. Epic Games issued a 14 day ban on XXiF back in early May much to the communities despise, this decision angered many members of the community not seeing it as an actual punishment. 

With XXiF securing his spot at the Fortnite World Cup and a guaranteed $50,000 many professional players and content creators have shared their opinion on Twitter. 

People have searched his replays since his official qualification to see if there is any more suspicious clips like the previous ones. People have found a suspected clip of a player messing up his initial drop and landing on XXiF where said player's teammate had already fallen to XXiF and try to pickaxe him.