Fortnite World Cup Player Profile: Timothy “Bizzle” Miller

The game’s highest earning and most successful player will look to add another accomplishment to his stacked resume.

Nick Farrell by Nick Farrell

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Timothy “Bizzle” Miller has established himself as the most successful competitive Fortnite player of all time. From his insane clutch to clinch victory in Fortnite’s Secret Skirmish to his frequent outtakes on Twitter towards Epic Games and the state of the competitive community. Oh, and did we mention he qualified for two Sunday Finals using no weapons? Yea, he’s just that good. 

Bizzle enters the Fortnite World Cup Finals nested at the top of all-time prize money earning with $512,750, and with perhaps the best LAN experience going into New York, can Bizzle reign supreme yet again? 

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World Cup Qualifier

Although Bizzle is not the streaming sensation that other Fortnite players such as Turner “Tfue” Tenney and Dennis “Cloakzy” Lepore, he opted to play his World Cup Qualifiers matches offline. Going into the first Fortnite World Cup Online Qualifier, Bizzle’s primary landing spot that he has become so synonymous for; Dusty Divot was undergoing some construction at the time. 

So, Bizzle decided to switch up his landing spot for the first qualifier, opting to land at the North Eastern side of the map by the set of factories between Lazy Lagoon and Sunny Steps. This spot played into Bizzle’s favor, as the spot hinders multiple chests spawns along with numerous baller spawns which can be a deciding factor in late game scenarios. 

Bizzle was successful in qualifying week one for the World Cup Finals, finishing with 65 points which mustered him a third-place finish. It is rather unknown if Bizzle will change his landing spot again before New York City, he could continue landing at the spot where he qualified or go back to the old faithful in Dusty Divot. 

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Bizzle bolstered an impressive 2.55 average eliminations per match with 42.5% of his points off the back of eliminations. Although these statistics include the two Sunday Finals where he opted to not use any weapons, he still claimed eliminations in those matches with items such as impulse grenades. 

Throughout his entire Fortnite competitive career, Bizzle has consistently been hailed as one of the smartest yet most mechanically gifted players we’ve seen. He does not have all the fancy edits or creative warrior building skills, but he does know when to utilize what builds in certain situations to gain the advantage over his opposition. 

Bizzle plays the game like no other, he is always thinking three steps ahead and what can happen to him in a scenario and what he would do to each outcome. Constantly pushing the Fortnite meta to find what works better than others and how he can outsmart everyone is how Bizzle has crafted his Fortnite career. 

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Looking Forward

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For Bizzle, this seems like only the beginning in his esports career. With the potential of another Fortnite World Cup for 2020 with the likelihood of even more prize money up for grabs it does not seem like Bizzle is planning on winding down.

In the short future, Bizzle will look to become a multi-millionaire at the Fortnite World Cup Finals set to kick off later this month. He will go in as one of the favorites to capture the solo portion and it would not be any surprise if we see Bizzle yet again place in the top three. 

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