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Fortnite World Cup: NAE Duo Qualifiers Round Up

Photo via Epic Games

The duo portion of the Fortnite World Cup Qualifiers concluded this past weekend with many professional players finally securing their sport at the Finals in New York City and others left wondering what’s next. NAE is arguably one of the world’s most competitive regions and this weekend did not disappoint, with some household names finally securing themselves qualification fans will rejoice at the opportunity to watch some of their favorite players compete for the $30 million prize pool. 

Familiar Names Prevail While Others Falter

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Photo via TSM on Twitter

Vinny "Vinny1x" Gilgan and his partner Anthony "ZexRow" Colandro have risen to become two household names in North American competitive Fortnite. Representing TSM, the duo has been known for their aggressive style of gameplay which was formed off of ZexRow's mindset.  After Vinny1x claimed the solo title at the ESL Katowice Royal earlier this year, the duo mustered a fourth-place finish solidifying themselves as a powerhouse duo to look out for. 

Entering the Fortnite World Cup Qualifiers, ZexRow made it public that he had been suffering from a case of tendencies in his mouse wrist. Stating he could not play for two weeks and was still undergoing a lot of pain, the duo kept pushing themselves through each qualifier. Narrowly missing out qualifying in week 4. The pair received ample amounts of hate and criticism from the community as many thought they were "washed up" and their aggressive playstyle would not survive anymore. 

Heading into the last Fortnite World Cup qualifier, many aspiring duos were aiming to be one of the last three pairs to head to the Finals in New York City. Duos such as Timothy "Bizzle" Miller and Dylan "Dmo" Moore, and the pair of Ryan "Chap" Chaplo and Jake "Poach" Brumleve, were all aiming to qualify this week. Vinny1x and ZexRow were among these duos gunning for the last three qualification spots and week 10 was full of surprises. 

The dawning minutes of queue times for week 10 were winding down, with multiple big name duos still on contention many were set to queue into the same final match to elevate themselves into qualification territory. Unfortunately for many professionals, they were struck with a five-minute queue that resulted in them not getting into a final match. 

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Photo via VividFN on Twitter

Vinny1x and ZexRow, on the other hand, delivered a massive final match, propelling them in the leader boards to net them a second place finish and ultimately securing themselves a spot at the Fortnite World Cup Finals. Other names such as Turner "Tfue" Tenney and Dennis "Cloakzy" Lepore and the above-mentioned duos all failed to qualify. Resulting in most of the most successful duos of all competitive Fortnite history to fail to qualify for the Fortnite World Cup. 

NAE Duo Qualified Players


NAE will send 15 duo pairs to battle it out at the Fortnite World Cup Finals, with perennial powerhouses such as Rocco "Saf" Morales and his partner Williams "Zayt" Aubin who are widely considered one of the best duos in the world and have qualified multiple times.

Woofgan Crimx & OT Spades Clix & Sceptic
LeNain & Tyler15Zayt & Saf
Nate Hill & FunkBrush & CizLucky
Ceice & ElevateLanjok & Punisher
Tetchra & EclipsaeMegga & Dubs
RoAtDW & BlooTeaRonaldo & XXiF
Slackes & KeysFNZexRow & Vinny1x
Calculator & MackWood

Will the dominant pairing of Zayt and Saf be able to be crowed champions of the world? Or will we see the classic duo of Nate Hill and Funk find their form yet again dominate in New York City? 

So many questions are up in the air for now, but all will be answered in New York City next month when the battle bus begins its drop to determine the duo champion of the world.

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