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Fortnite World Cup 2020: Prize Pool - Solos, Duos, Trios Rumors and Leaks!

Competitive Fortnite has been at a standstill for quite some time now; since the 2019 Fortnite World Cup, we have not had many official Fortnite tournaments and fans are growing impatient with the scene.

Although there has been some speculation that we will see an announcement with the launch of Chapter 2 Season 2 this week!

Last year's Fortnite World Cup was record-breaking for so many reasons; perhaps the biggest one was the prize pool. With $30 million up for grabs, we saw the winners of the solo and duo walk away with $3 million each.

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So, what will this year's prize pool look like? Let's take a look at all we know!


Solo Prize Pool

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LAVISH LIFESTYLE- The winners of this year's World Cup could be set for life!


Last year's solo Fortnite World Cup had the best prize distribution out of the three competitions; mainly because you did not have to share your winnings with anyone else. Just qualifying for the event netted you a minimum of $50,000 USD and it massively increased if you place within the top 20.

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Last year's winner Bugha won a grand total of $3 million; so we could expect the same prize this year so far. It is hard to say how much Epic Games is going to pledge towards this year's event, whether or not they increase the prize pool is still up in the air.


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EQUAL SPLIT - Duos will have to split their earnings.


Although the duo World Cup would seem to have the most prize money during last year's event it actually had less than the solo portion. Of course, since each team is a pair; there was $100,000 USD awarded to any team that attended.

Winning the event still netted you and your partner $3 million but it would have to be split to a sustainable $1.5 million.

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It would be nice to see the duo portion of this year's Fortnite World Cup have a larger prize pool than the solo component; we doubt it will. We fully expect the prize pool for both solo and duo, should they be the two modes for this year's event to be relatively the same.


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TRIOS - The rumored game mode is set to come back next season!


We do not have confirmation that trios are going to be in the next World Cup yet; we do not even know if there will be a World Cup! However, there have been some leaks and speculation about the likelihood of trios being one of the game modes should there be a World Cup.

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If trios are, in fact, a game mode for this year's World Cup, the prize pool would be split between three people which would drastically cut down your earnings. We can suspect that Epic Games may raise the prize pool for this game mode if it is added into the mix!