Fortnite World Cup 2020: E11 Stompy Player Profile

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How much longer will they keep us waiting?! That is the question we continue to ask ourselves as we wait on official confirmation of the Fortnite World Cup 2020

The inaugural Fortnite World Cup was a huge success, and seeing as that took place in June of 2019, we expect this year's event to come during summer.

We have no official confirmation about the tournament as of yet, but we expect to see it take place in America once again as last year's event in NYC turned heads by drawing massive crowds.

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Here's an in-depth look at one man who will be looking to make waves at the event, E11 Stompy.

Who is E11 Stompy?

Klaus "Stompy" Konstanzer is a professional gamer who currently represents esports franchise Eleven Gaming.

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E11 Stompy, one of E11's biggest names!

The 18-year-old Austrian regularly streams on Twitch and uploads highlights of his gameplay to YouTube.


History of competitive gaming

Stompy began his competitive gaming career back in 2018, winning his first ever event, the Trymacs Solo Tournament - taking home a measly €600.00.

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As the Fortnite scene continued to grow, however, so did his number of appearances and earnings. To date, he has earned over $400,000 competing solely in Fortnite events.

Fortnite World Cup 2019

Stompy was another player participating in the first-ever Fortnite World Cup last year, and it was quite a performance from the Austrian.

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ABSENT! Stompy will be looking to improve in the duos, having failed to make the top 10 in 2019!

A 14th-place finish was enough to land Stompy comfortably into the $150,000 prize section. He also finished 25th in the duos section of the tournament alongside his partner, Tschinken, also of Eleven Gaming.


Will we see Stompy at the 2020 World Cup?

It's likely that Stompy will once again compete in both solos and duos in the 2020 World Cup.

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Stompy will be looking to make a much bigger splash in the duos section this time around, likely returning with his partner Tschinken. After recently winning the Fortnite Champion Series: Season X - EU, we expect them to do exactly that.