Fortnite World Cup 2020: Chap Player Profile: Past Events, Earnings, & more

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Liquid Chap has risen to become one of the most popular Fortnite players of all time.

He has a dedicated fan base for his daily streams which is mightily impressive.


The 25-year-old is one of the few streamers to now use a face-cam among professional players, but that doesn't make Chap any less of a player.

Let's dive into Liquid Chap and all we know about him for this year's World Cup!


Liquid Chap

DUO: 72hrs and Chap were one of the most popular Fortnite duos

Little is known about Chap's background before the dawn of Fortnite. Although since the release of the game in 2017 and the start of the competitive scene, Chap has become one of the most successful players in the game.

The Team Liquid player is one of the most consistent Fortnite streamers out of the competitive scene; as well, he is known for being extremely outspoken about issues in Fortnite on Twitter.


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Chap was also named the Team Liquid player of the year, as voted by the fans. A lot of this can be attributed to his massively successful viewing party for last year's Fortnite World Cup.

Having up to 80,000 viewers at one point; Chap's stream was the place to be during last year's event!

Past Events

Chap fortnite

LIQUID UP: Chap has represented Team Liquid since 2018

Chap is one of the veteran players among Fortnite's competitive scene; having placed extremely well in some of the Fall and Summer Skirmishes in 2018. Even placing first in week five of Fall Skirmish with his duo partner at the time, 72hrs.


He had a turbulent first half of 2019; failing to qualify for the Fortnite World Cup for both solos and duos. Coming ever so close with a 12th place finish with his duo partner Poach.

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The back half of 2019 was when Chap once again solidified himself as a force in the competitive scene.

With the two waves of FNCS taking over after the inaugural Fortnite World Cup; this is where Chap experienced his best placements of the year.

Placing second in the grand finals for trios FNCS and sixth place in the squads FNCS; Chap proved that he is still one of the best players in NAE. Some would even call him a rotational mastermind!

Fortnite World Cup 2020

Fortnite World Cup 2020

SQUAD - Will Chap qualify for this year's World Cup?

Chap will continue to compete and stream in every Fortnite tournament possible we can imagine. For the next wave of FNCS which has been announced to be duos, he will be teaming up alongside MRKN AV!

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Keep an eye out on if Chap and his newfound duo can become one of the best ones in NAE, and continue this momentum towards the Fortnite World Cup 2020!