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20 Sep 2020

Fortnite Wolverine Challenge: How To Launch Off All Sentinel Hands Without Touching The Ground! Week Four Guide!

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Sentinel Hands

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How Too

Wolverine is this seasons 'secret' battle pass skin.

Each week Epic has been unlocking a new challenge for us to check out.

This week is one of the easier ones.

Here's how to do it.

Sentinel Hands

It appears Wolverine has a grudge against the dismantled Sentinels.

As this is now the second week in a row where Wolverine has a challenge set around them.

This time around we are tasked with bouncing off all the hands in succession, without touching the ground.


For those who do not know the Sentinels are located around the middle of the map.

Just north of The Authority, and they are all down on the hills!

Sentinel Locations min 1

RIP - THESE Poor Sentinels!

How Too

Players will have to hit the hands in succession in order to complete this challenge.

The tricky part is not touching the ground, but it should be easy as the hands send you flying!

YouTuber HarryNinetyFour posted a great video about this challenge.

Be sure to like and subscribe for their efforts!

You are now one step closer to unlocking Wolverine!