Fortnite Winter Royal 2019: All Confirmed Duos!

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Epic Games has most recently announced the $15 million Winter Royal 2019 event that is slated to kick off on December 20th and run through the 22nd.

This is the second iteration of the event which was debuted last year with solos and duos being the key game modes at the time.

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Epic Games has dropped the former game mode and this year we will only be seeing duos in action over the three days of non-stop gameplay.

With just two weeks until the event is supposed to kick off, some duos have already made their announcement official.

So, let's take a look at some of the top players to already announce their pair of two!


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The most populated region in North America also has some of the most prominent players such as Fortnite World Cup solo winner Bugha and popular streamer Tfue.

The region also has some of the best duos in the world and they have already made their announcement!


Clix and Khanada


Bugha and Stretch


Cloud and Thwifo


Elevate and Clarityg

Other Duos

  • 72hrs and Cizlucky
  • Zexrow and Vinny
  • Calc and Mackwood
  • Dubs and Megga
  • Zayt and Saf
  • Ronaldo and Xxif
  • Ninja and Reverse2K
  • Nate Hill and Funk

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Mongraal and Benjyfishy

Aqua and Stompy


Tschinken and Pusher