Fortnite PS5: Trigger system set to revolutionise controls on Next Gen

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Fortnite players' experience will be enhanced by features of the PS5, reveals Community coordinator for Epic Games, Michael House.

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Fortnite uses the DualSense wireless controller

The DualSense controller will feel more responsive and accurate to pulling a trigger, House wrote on a blog post on Friday.

fortnite ps5 controller min
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FEEL THE POWER: Realistic trigger system coming to Fortnite on PS5

"Fortnite will support two kinds of adaptive trigger feedback for ranged weapons: trigger pull feedbackand sustained feedback," House explained.


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"Weapons that fire once per trigger pull — your Pistols, SMGs, Snipers, Assault Rifles, etc. — will use trigger pull feedback, meaning you’ll feel the authentic resistance of pulling their triggers as you push down the trigger of the DualSense."

Enhanced visual quality on PS5

The second section of the post covers how upgrades to the hardware from the PS4 to the PS5 enhance the visual quality of the game.

Fortnite PS5 Patch 2 86 2
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IMMERSE YOURSELF: PS5 will provide enhanced visual quality for Fortnite

According to the post, the game can now be run in 4K or 60 FPS, textures load faster, and objects such as trees and grass now respond to explosions.


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On top of this, House writes that, "there are new effect for clouds and the Storm."

Throwback Pickaxe available in-game

Lastly, the post mentions that the Throwback Pickaxe from Fortnite Chapter 1 is currently available in the game's item shop until Jan. 15.

Throwback Axe Fortnite
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THROW IT BACK: Unlock the classic pickaxe in Fortnite

The item will stay in your in-game locker regardless of if you pick it up on PS4 or PS5.

Default skins from Fortnite Chapter 1 have also been made available via the item shop.

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