Fortnite: Will The Lawsuit Delay Chapter 2 Season 4? News, Rumors and More!

Could legal issues with some of the world’s most powerful companies delay the next Fortnite season?

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Lawsuit Delay

Players are looking ahead to the new season; which will be Chapter 2 Season 4, or Season 14.

However, a recent movement in the form of #FreeFortnite has been sparked from a legal battle.

This has spurred the question whether or not Season 4 will be delayed!

Here’s what you need to know!


What’s Going On?

As of Thursday, August 13, Fortnite’s no longer available in the App Store.

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The move comes just after publisher Epic Games implemented a new “direct payment” system that bypasses the 30% fee charged by Apple and Google.

In the hours following, Epic Games sued both Apple and Google and we are unknown when this will end.

Battle Pass 4
OH NO – Will mobile players ever play again?

What Happens Next Season?

With the current season of Fornite set to end next week, and Chapter 4 releasing on the 27th; there is a lot of concerns from players.

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Afterall, we are well aware Epic likes to delay the release of their seasons.

But some news has surfaced that has reissured fans about next seasons release!

No Delay!

A tweeted post by FNBRHQ has informed the Fortnite community that there will be no delay for Chapter 4!

FNBRHQ Season Delay 1
NICE – No delay!

So, Fortnite fans you do not need to worry about not jumping into a brand new season next week!

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