Fortnite will level up on Next Gen thanks to the PS5 DualSense Controller!

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The new PS5 announcement has given us a better look at how the new DualSense controller may function.

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We can't wait to see how Sony and Epic use the new features to create a more immersive in-depth experience!

Adaptive Triggers

The PS5 DualSense controller will have a new feature called "Adaptive Triggers".

ps5 haptic triggers fortnite 1
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IMMERSION - Sony has gone into great detail when it comes to player's immersion!

This only effects the triggers, meaning the L2 and R2 buttons and won't change the feel of the L1 and L2 bumpers.


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These adaptive triggers will change the way we interact with weapons.

For example, when using a bow, the trigger will feel as if it's under tension when using a bow, or vibrate when using an automatic weapon.

This will make Fortnite feel more realistic increasing the immersion factor.

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This may also help when running out of ammo as the trigger can react in a different way.

'Create' Button


This new button will favour those who want to create more content around their favourite games.

This will streamline players ability to share awesome moments and clips from Fortnite and other games on the new console.

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We can't wait to see how Sony develop this PS5 feature into something everyone can use to express their creative side in Fortnite!

Haptic Feedback

The last few generations of the PlayStation controller have featured haptic feedback in the form of rumble effects.

PS5 controller design evolution history ps1 dualshock to playstation 5 dualsense
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However, the new PS5 controller will feature some awesome new feedback allowing the player to feel different surfaces and motion.

This means we may be able to feel other players footsteps and builds in Fortnite, giving us better spacial awareness.

Dualsense will give the user "astonishing effects" according to Wired editor, Peter Rubin.

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We still don't know how these features will actually feel, so we can't wait to get our hands on this new gamepad.

Release Date

The new DualSense controller is set to release alongside the PS5 console later this year!


The official release date for the PS5 is 12th November 2020. However, this will only be for North America, Mexico South Korea, Australia and New Zealand.

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The console will release on 19th November for the UK and the rest of the world.