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Where to place Spy Probes in Fortnite (Week 9 Legendary Quest)

Fear not, as we are not discussing the kinds of probes that give you nightmares, instead, we're simply being asked to place Spy Probes so that we can keep an eye on those pesky trespassers.

Here's where and how to place Spy Probes in Fortnite for the Week 9 Legendary Quest.

Spy Probe locations in Fortnite

There are eight locations which you can visit to place Spy Probes, most of which are located in the South Central area of the map. Most of the locations are external to various POI rather than being spots in and around it.

Fortnite Spy Probe Locations
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Retail Row and Slurpy Swamp marked on the map

We'll run you through where to find each Spy Probe location in a little more detail, they are all located on the top of a hill or mound;

Spy Probe Locations

  • Hill south of Holly Hatchery
  • Hill south of Weeping Woods
  • Mount to the East of Slurpy Swamp, by the wooden bridge entrance
  • Hill halfway between Lazy Laze and Weeping Woods
  • South-East of Misty Meadows
  • West of Misty Meadows
  • West of Misty Meadows, on the cliff overlooking a warehouse
  • North East of Holly Hatchery, at the pond (not marked on the above map)

There are eight total locations to choose from and three Spy Probes must be placed. Ideally, you'll be able to place all three in a single game and call it a day, but if it gets a bit too spicy and you need to leave, you can fall back and complete the quest across multiple matches locations instead.

Fortnite Spy Probe
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How the Spy Probe looks before you place it

Once all three Spy Probes are placed, you're awarded 30,000 XP to help advance your Battle Pass and that's all of the Week 9 Legendary quests complete!


If you need a hand finding all of the Week 9 Alien Artifacts, you can head to our handy guide which breaks down where each one is. Even with the new proximity system in place, they can be quite tricky to find!