Fortnite: Where to Find Mounted Turret Locations

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As we approach the end of Fortnite's current season and prepare ourselves for the 21.00 update and beyond, week ten of the Seasonal Quests has landed. The final quest on this line-up requires the use of Fortnite's mounted turrets.

One of the more interesting weapons in Fortnite, the Mounted Turret is featured all across the map and has grown from fairly situational to one of the best tools in the game. Here's where you can get your hands on them


Where Can You Find Mounted Turrets in Fortnite

The best way to get your hands on a Mounted Turret right now is to get into find a Battle Bus or Titan Tank and use the turret mounted on those to destroy various vehicles around the map. The best place to find these vehicles right now is at Coney Crossroads or The Fortress.

A promotional image showing off the Fortnite Armored Battle Bus vehicle

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Gear up then head for an area like the Daily Bugle where there are plenty of around and get to shooting with the turret. For the most efficient way of doing this challenge and getting the full 1,200 damage, we recommend not fully destroying the vehicles and using a repair tool to restore their health before continuing the assault.

In prior updates, mounted turrets were available in even more ways. Mounted Turrets were Fortnite's first and only legendary trap for players to loot while gearing up. There were also mounted turret stations scattered across the map in several different locations. These stations were small encampments with free turrets for players to use. Both of these variations of the mounted turrets have since been removed from Fortnite entirely.