Where to Find Magneto’s Power Gauntlets in Fortnite & How to Use Them

Magneto Gauntlets in Fortnite

Magneto Gauntlets in Fortnite

As part of Magneto’s introduction in Fortnite, the game also introduced a new Mythic weapon called Magneto’s Power Gauntlets, which can be found in the game. The weapon is relatively versatile, but most importantly, you will need it to unlock the Master of Magnetism in the game.

The gauntlets are particularly useful this season to help combat all the modded vehicles that currently flood the map. Not only have we outlined where to find the weapon but also how to use it in the popular Battle Royale

How to Get Magneto’s Power Gauntlets

Power Gauntlets equipped in Fortnite
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The Magneto Power Gauntlets can be found like any weapon in the game from looting chests, shooting down drones or even just on the floor, although if you want to guarantee getting them then players can purchase the item off of Magneto himself.

Magneto can be found patrolling around Brawler’s Battleground in the southern part of the map. He will sell the Mythic weapon for 400 gold. Once purchased, players can begin completing challenges and trying to earn a Victory Crown.

How to Use Magento’s Power Gauntlets

Using the Gauntlrts in Fortnite
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Once you have the item and it’s equipped, you can either use R2/RT to fire a huge ball of metal summoned from the floor you have an unlimited amount of shots, but they need to recharge whihc can be seen on the reticle when aiming.

What makes the power unique, however, is the ability to summon metal that can be used as a shield, allowing the player to defend themselves against oncoming attacks. This can be done by using L2/LT. The weapon also offers the player a boost when jumping, giving some extra air time and additional height.

For more helpful tips, check out our Fortnite homepage. We’ve already covered where to find the Weapon X Lab, how to mod cars, all weekly challenges, and where to find the Tow Hook Cannon.

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