Fortnite: Where To Find and Eat Candy for Fortnitemares 2020

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Like any Halloween season, Epic has released its Fortnitemares 2020 seasonal event.

This year is filled with interesting rewards, cosmetics, and more for just playing the game.


Now, one of the challenges will require you to put your sweet tooth on and eat some candy.

Table of Contents

Here are the locations.


For this Fortnitemares challenge, players are required to eat 25 pieces of candy, and it can be tricky to find this.


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But do not fear! We will go over all the candy locations shortly.


Finding candy around the Fortnite map can be a bit tricky, as there are no specific spawn points for the candy.


From what we can tell, there are candy buckets around the map that spawn at specific houses and this is where you will be able to eat the candy.

Bodil40 has posted a helpful guide over on their YouTube page about where to find candy locations.

Check it out below!



Completing this challenge will net you one step closer to completing all the Fortnitemares challenges!

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