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Fortnite: Where Is Hydro 16? Location, How To Farm Metal and More!

Challenges have always been a major part of Fortnite's core, and this season is no different.

We are now in the ninth week of the weekly challenges, and with only one week to go.

The latest one added into the game will have some players confused for sure.

Here's some help!

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Hydro 16

The challenge itself is to "Farm Metal at Hydro 16", the latter can be confusing to find for some players.

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Since Hydro 16 is not a named location on the map, players will often find it challenging to locate it on their own.

Do not fear, as thanks to Fortnite.GG we are able to show you exactly where it is!

Hydro 16 1
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NICE - A great spot to land!

Hydro 16 is located just under the massive dam east of Misty Meadows. As well, it is just a tad west of Slurpy Swamp!



Luckily the challenge itself is going to be one of the easiest once you find Hydro 16.

The location itself is full of metal, so you will not have any trouble farming that material to complete the challenge!


For completing this challenge, players will earn 35,000 XP!

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