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When is the next Fortnite event?

Fortnite Season 6 is in full swing after releasing back on March 16th.

While there's still a while to go before the end of the season, let's take a look at what to expect when Season 6 concludes.

Latest - New NPC Coming To The Game

According to prominent leaker HYPEX, a new NPC character will be coming with the 16.20 update.

It is being reported that Sparkplug will be added to the map.

She will be found in either Lazy Lake, Weeping Woods, or Hydro 16 and will offer weapon upgrades and eight Mechanical Parts, perfect for crafting an Epic Assault Rifle or Shotgun early in a match.

When Is The Season 6 Event?

Season 6 began on March 16th 2021 after the Zero Crisis Finale event, which saw Agent Jones join forces with The Foundation to try and stop the Zero Point from destroying the island.

The season is currently due to end on June 8th 2021.

Season 5 ended on time, so it is possible that Season 6 will too.

Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 6 Key Art Agent Jones
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But, the upcoming Fortnite X Batman Zero Point comic book series is due to begin releasing in April 2021 and will conclude in July 2021.

This could point to a possible delay to the end of Season 6 as it is expected that the series will tie into the current season so it wouldn’t make sense for a new season to begin partway through it unless that ties into the comics too.

What To Expect In The Season 6 Event

With the end of every season comes the end of season event.

Traditionally these would take place on the last Saturday before a new season begins.

This would mean that the Season 6 event would take place on June 5th 2021.

However, recently we have seen Epic Games deviate away from the norm.

Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 5 event key art Agent Jones
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The Chapter 2 Season 4 Galactus event took place on a Tuesday, the day before Season 5 began.

And the Season 5 event actually took place at the start of Season 6, players needed to take part in the event once downtime concluded before they could dive into the new season.

So, this means that the Season 6 event could take place anywhere from June 5th-8th.

Spring Breakout Is Here

The latest in-game event, Spring Breakout, has officially started!

From April 1st, if you complete the first Legendary Quest from Webster you can bag yourself the Tactical Quaxes Harvesting Tool!

Fortnite Next Event Spring Breakout Quaxes Harvesting Tool
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CRAZY - Free Pickaxes? It's hard to say no to that

On top of this, Spring Breakout is offering up a limited-time Cup on April 2nd that can bag you the Webster Outfit if you do well enough.

Fortnite Next event Spring Breakout Cup Webster
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COMPETE - Webster might be pretty scary but they're worth trying to compete for!

The Spring Breakout event is due to end in around a week, so be sure to check-in and get your hands on the in-game rewards while you can!

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There's also some limited-time Item Store bundles, including the return of some fan favourites, to get you spending your V-Bucks over the Easter period.

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