Fortnite: What's Included in Typical Gamer's Locker Bundle?

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Fortnite has become a game defined by its ability to crossover with various things in 2022, with new crossovers helping define season 3 while older ones make their return to the battle royale.

One of these crossovers comes from popular YouTuber Typical Gamer, whose customized locker bundle was first introduced in Chapter 2: Season 6, last being seen in May of 2021 before disappearing.

With 12.9 Million subscribers behind his growing empire of GTA 5, Fortnite, Minecraft & Warzone coverage, however, it's no surprise to see it return so soon. Here is everything we know about it.

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Typical Gamer's Locker Bundle

The original promo for the Typical Gamer locker bundle in Fortnite
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This Fortnite bundle, as expected, gives players a taste of all the different cosmetics available in your locker, with one of each slot being added to make it a great deal for newer players.

Each of the items featured in this locker bundle have been chosen by Typical Gamer himself, so don't really have much connecting them together other than he likes the cosmetics.

The star of the Typical Gamer bundle is the Tsuki skin, a rare cosmetic with a robotic and human style to choose from. The main accessory for this skin is the Tahna back bling with the Studded Axe also being included.

The final two cosmetics are the Rainbow Rodeo weapon wrap, a wonderfully colourful and slightly trippy-looking skin for your weapons and the Reanimated emote, a popular one from the original season 3 back in 2018.



Unfortunately for those looking for a relatively cheap deal from the Fortnite Item Shop, the Typical Gamer locker bundle isn't quite that costing 2,100 V-Bucks in total.

While this is certainly cheaper than many of the full crossover bundles that Fortnite have released over the course of season 3, players looking for a deal may just want to pick up some of the items that they like separately before moving on to other items that catch their eye.

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