Fortnite: What Will The POIs Look Like When The Water Disappears?

The Fortnite map is going to look drastically different at the end of the season! Expect some changes soon

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Post Water POIs

Season 3 of Chapter 2 is finally here! After numerous delays, we are finally able to dive on in and ride some Sharks.

The majority of the map being flooded is the biggest change this season implemented. However, it may not be flooded forever!

Over the course of the season, the water levels are going to reduce, and some POIs are going to look vastly different.

Her is what some of them are going to look like.


Overall Map

Of course, since the water levels are bound to reduce, the overall map is going to look different!

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Thanks to Fortnite data miner @iFireMonkey, we are able to know what the map is going to look like at the end of the season.

SOLID – The map is going back to normal!

This means the map is going to have little to no water by the time the season ends on August 27th.


iFireMonkey was able to uncover all of the images of what POIs are going to look like after the flood eases away.

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Here is what The Shark is going to look like!

Shark Post water
DESTROYED – The Shark experienced heavy damage!


One of the most beloved, or hated POIs of last season was The Grotto.

Although it was one of the most contested last season, it does not appear to be making a return!

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Here’s how The Grotto will look according to @iFireMonkey.

Grotto Post Water
CHEST MAN – What is that chest doing?


Risky Reels

One of the best POIs from the first map was introduced last season, and it looks ravished when it makes a return this season.

Yet again, the following image is all thanks to @iFireMonkey.

Risky Post Water
MOVIES – At Least the sign is still there.

Steamy Stacks

Although Steamy Stacks is still a POI at the beginning of the season, it is going to look different when the later reduces.

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Steamy Stacks Pst Water
CUBE – Kevin The Cube is still there!

Camp Cod

Although this is not a POI directly, it may return as one later on during the season.

Camp Cod Post Water

We can’t wait to see how the map looks at the end of the season!

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