What Are Z League Fortnite Tournaments

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The competitive scene in Fortnite is reliant on Dreamhack and Cash Cups being the only real option for competition, and usually this locks out lower ranked player, at least that was the case until Z League entered the scene.

Z League is a skill-based tournament platform looking to change the way that competitive Fortnite is viewed, played and rewarded.


Z League and Fortnite: A Match Made In Heaven?

It's clear that Z League is passionate about competitive Fortnite and their goals are made clear from the statement on their website;

'We built Z League, the world’s first skill-based tournament platform because we loved watching streamers and pros compete in tournaments, but felt that there were no good options for casual gamers like us. At Z League, everyone can compete in fair, fun and meaningful competitions.'

Skill-based matchmaking, known as SBMM, is frowned upon by many top-level players who do not like the idea of being a match against similar-ranked players. This is because they believe cheaters can infiltrate the top level of play quite easily and therefore would destroy the integrity of the game.


There is also a large community of top-level players who like that they can be matched up against lower-ranked players in order to keep their ego's strong by outplaying them due to the gap in skill level.

Giving Players What They Want

The need for competition is what keeps many players going, so Z League offers regular Fortnite competitions, mostly with free entry, that offer small payouts should you perform well enough.


Dreamhack events are spaced throughout the year and usually, you have one chance to perform well and the matchmaking system can often play in favour of higher skilled players. The balance that Z League offers makes competing more fun for all involved.

Fortnite Dreamhack Z League
CHALLENGER: Dreamhack events just aren't cutting it for some players anymore

The system isn't watertight, skill tanking is likely still possible to expose the SBMM, but given that we're not talking about prizes in the $10,000s (yet), it would be a lot of effort to go through just to ruin someone else's good time.

It's also worth pointing out that Z League offers Fortnite tournaments over all formats, including the heavily requested Solos format that Dreamhack seem to steer clear of. Listening to the demands of players and giving them what they want seems to be working well for Z League, long may it continue.