Fortnite: What is the best Shotgun right now?

Fortnite is at an all-time high with four shotguns but which is the best for you?

Nick Farrell by Nick Farrell

Photo via Epic Games

Epic Games has been no stranger in adding interesting weapons to their flagship game in Fortnite, with the removal of the longtime favorite pump shotgun. Most will remember them adding the combat shotgun, which over time has grown on players, however, it was widely considered a massive downgrade to the pump. Since the Pump Shotgun’s reintroduction into the field along with the newly added Drum Shotgun in the second content update for patch V9.30 there is now a looming question for avid players. 

Which Shotgun is considered the best right now?

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Tactical Shotgun

Photo via Epic Games

The Tactical Shotgun has been in Fortnite’s loot pool for quite some time now, noted as the inferior shotgun of choice. The weapon features a semi-automatic rate of fire accompanied by a clip size of eight shotgun pellets. 

  • Tactical Shotgun (Common, Gray): 71 damage, 160 max headshot damage
  • Tactical Shotgun (Uncommon, Green): 75 damage, 169 max headshot damage
  • Tactical Shotgun (Rare, Blue): 79 damage, 178 max headshot damage

With a widely inconsistent damage range with some shots hitting for a mere 20 and some may damage upwards to max damage, the Tactical Shotgun is widely considered the worst shotgun and fans have been advocating for its departure but to no success.

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Drum Shotgun 

Photo via Epic Games

The newest shotgun to Fortnite’s Battle Royal mode, which was introduced during the second content update for patch V9.30. The Drum Shotgun is reminiscent of the 205 Brecci from popular FPS title Call of Duty. Bolstering a high rate of fire and a strong clip size with 12 pellets, the Drum Shotgun appears as an upgraded version of the Tactical Shotgun.

  • Drum Shotgun (Common, Gray): 45 damage
  • Drum Shotgun (Uncommon, Green): 47 damage
  • Drum Shotgun (Rare, Blue): 50 damage

The verdict is still up in the air surrounding the Drum Shotgun’s viability but, for now it is seen as just another average shotgun not useful for competitive play. 

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Pump Shotgun

Photo via Epic Games

Oh, the beloved Pump Shotgun, the once most reliable weapon in all of Fortnite’s loot pool was vaulted due to claims by Epic Games that players were “being too aggressive”. Since it’s come back in the first content update for patch V9.30, the Pump Shotgun has not been getting the same reception as once before, now the Pump plays second fiddle to the stronger Combat Shotgun. 

  • Pump Shotgun (Uncommon, Green): 95 damage, 190 max headshot damage
  • Pump Shotgun (Rare, Blue): 100 damage, 200 max headshot damage

Although the Pump Shotgun is still viable in late game situations, it falls short in the race for the best Shotgun because of its rather slow rate of fire compared to the newer Combat Shotgun. 

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Combat Shotgun

Photo via Epic Games

Much like its name, the Combat Shotgun thrives in combat situations. Bolstering a one of a kind rate of fire, a massive clip size of 10 and the factor of reloading two pellets at one time makes the Combat Shotgun the undeniable king of Shotguns. 

  • Combat Shotgun (Rare, Blue): 73 damage, 124.1 max headshot damage
  • Combat Shotgun (Epic, Purple): 77 damage, 130.9 max headshot damage
  • Combat Shotgun (Legendary, Gold): 81 damage, 137.7 max headshot damage

The ability to two-tap your enemies in the same time it could take for one shot with the Pump Shotgun makes the Combat Shotgun the clear-cut winner. Unless Epic Games decides to decrease the rate of fire or damage of the Combat Shotgun in the near future, it will remain as the superior Shotgun and the primary choice of every avid Fortnite player from casual to competitive. 

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