*BREAKING* Ray-Tracing is Coming to Fortnite

Prepare to see Fortnite in a whole new light with brand new cutting-edge graphical capabilities!

by Brandon Ridgely
Fortnite Ray Tracing 2

Fortnite has had plenty of big news around the arrival of the newest season and its features.

But a huge new announcement has come for the popular battle royale game.

Ray-tracing is coming to Fortnite.

Fortnite Ray Tracing
IT’S OFFICIAL: Fortnite will be picking up the graphics of the future with ray-tracing

This will mean massively improved graphical capabilities, of course at the cost of performance.

But for machines that can run ray-tracing, this will be a huge improvement that can help bring Fortnite to life!

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This will also be a huge include for next-gen, so we can look forward to Fortnite looking amazing heading into the new year.

Brandon Ridgely

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