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Fortnite: What is Chrome Splash?

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fortnite chrome splash image

At the start of Fortnite Season 4, the Chrome Splash item was added to the game. This isn't your everyday item as it has a ton of use in every match.

We'll take you through what Chrome Splash is, where to find it and, most importantly, how to use it!

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What is Chrome Splash?

Chrome Splash is a brand new item in Fortnite Season 4. It was introduced by the new antagonist, The Herald, at least that's what we think. Little vials of Chrome Splash can be found across the Fortnite map either lying on the ground or in chests and you can carry a stack of up to 8.

fortnite chrome splash
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The Purple vial is Chrome Splash

There are already quests tied to using the item so it's best to be carrying a stack on you at all times. Early signs suggest this item is going to play a huge role in Season 4's meta.

How to Use Chrome Splash

Chrome Splash has quite a few uses. First and foremost, you can aim one at yourself to turn your character into chrome. When this happens, you unlock new movement abilities.

fortnite character in chrome form
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You move much faster as Chrome

You can tap the sprint button to turn into a chrome puddle. In this form, you are harder to hit, move faster, can hit jump twice to dash and can even move through chrome walls. Beware, however, as you cannot attack while in this form.

It's going to be a very important mechanic over the coming season so take your first few matches to get used to how it works.

fortnite chrome character moving through a chrome wall
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Chrome character + chrome wall = fun mechanic

You can also use Chrome Splash to cover structures in chrome, allowing you to move through them in your chrome form. You can also cover wildlife in it too although the uses for that are not quite as clear just yet.

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