Fortnite: What Does This New Chaos Physics Engine Mean for Chapter 2 Season 2!

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Yet again, Epic Games has delayed the start date of Chapter 2 Season 2, this time by another two weeks.

In what has already been the longest season ever, Epic Games officially confirmed the start date of the new season in a blog post.

In this blog post, they also released details about a new physics engine Fortnite will be running on during the new season.

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So what exactly does this mean? Let's check out all we know about the Chaos Physics Engine!


What Is Chaos Physics?

Epic Games will be moving Fortnite over to Unreal Engine's new Chaos physics engine very soon, but fans are struggling to grasp what this really means for Fortnite.

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CRASH - Photo via @HYPEX


The new engine, in short, is designed to allow buildings to collapse and break apart rather than vanishing as they currently do.

Little is known how this will affect Fortnite's building mechanics, but Epic Games has stated they want to make sure "Fortnite still feels like Fortnite"

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Will I Get FPS Issues?

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LOVE IS IN THE AIR - Will Share The Love 2020 be on this new engine?


The answer to this question is we don't know; it is hard to say how this new engine will affect players' performance right now.

At the beginning of Chapter 2, they stated that they were adjusting their minimum hardware requirements for the new season.

So, it appears they may need to change this yet again.

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FPS issues have always been relevant in Fortnite, most notably during the end game of high player lobbies.

So, we will have to wait and see if this new engine hinders performance yet again!


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FPS - Will Console players be affected?


A large majority of Fortnite's player base is console players, whether it is Xbox, PS4 or Switch; it is undoubtedly popular.

Console players in the past, have experienced drastic fps drops during certain situations. Endgame, in-game events or just in general, the hardware on consoles cannot handle Fortnite sometimes.

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So, with this new engine being implemented soon; console players are worrying if this will mean more fps drops.

We can assume this will be the case, as with the screenshots we have of the new engine, it appears to be more demanding than now.

Hopefully, they address console players FPS issues sometime soon, as it would be devastating if they do not!