Everything happening in Fortnite this week

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A lot has been going on in Fortnite these past few weeks, as hype for Season 8 starts to really hot up.

Various crossovers have happened, big tournaments have taken place, and updates are coming thick and fast.


We've got everything you need to know about what's happening in Fortnite this week.

17.40 Update Release Time

After a busy week last week, with superheroes coming from everywhere, including Superman himself, it's time for the next title update.

Version 17.40 will release at about 7am BST/2am ET on August 17, provided the downtime isn't too long.

fortnite, week 11

Once again, the contents of the update are being kept pretty secret, but we'll let you know as more details leak.

As has been the case for other recent updates, it'll inevitably see the aliens take over more of Fortnite's island.

We'll add in the patch notes once they're out, provided Epic Games actually release them this time.

Season 7 Week 11 Challenges

Since we're still waiting for the 17.40 update, we don't know what the Week 11 challenges are quite yet.

They'll leak as soon as the update comes out on August 17, so be sure to check back with us then, at which point we'll have all the details you need.

Among Us Crossover

The most interesting crossover event, which seem to be daily at this point, happening in Fortnite this week is the teased Among Us one.


Whether it's a LTM focused on impostors or just a cosmetics takeover, we're not sure, but we're getting some teases, so it can't be far away from releasing.

A special mode where some players on the island are making life hard for other players would be a lot of fun, and Among Us themed skins would be cool too. You can see the teases above.